Acne Studios

Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Acne Studios Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Acne Studios Creative Director Jonny Johansson with Photographer Charlotte Wales with talent ILLIT (YUNAH, MINJU, MOKA, WONHEE, IROHA)

For its Spring-Summer 2024 campaign, Acne Studios ventures into a captivating collaboration with ILLIT, the burgeoning K-Pop ensemble poised to redefine pop culture. This strategic partnership, initiated during the band’s notable presence at Acne Studios’ FW24 Paris show, evolves into a full-fledged campaign showcasing the group in the brand’s latest collection.

Creative Director Jonny Johansson draws a parallel between his personal affinity for music and its symbiotic relationship with fashion, particularly highlighting the current global K-Pop phenomenon. The decision to feature ILLIT, with members YUNAH, MINJU, MOKA, WONHEE, and IROHA, is a deliberate nod to the brand’s ethos of fostering new talent and resonates with the energetic vibrancy of Generation Z.

The campaign, shot by Charlotte Wales in London and styled by Léopold Duchemin, marries Acne Studios’ minimalist aesthetic with ILLIT’s dynamic presence. Through a palette of pastels, the visuals present a dreamy yet grounded representation of the collection, emphasizing key runway pieces and standout accessories like the Multipocket bag and the Platt mini shoulder bag.

ILLIT’s enthusiastic response to the collaboration underscores the significance of this cross-cultural exchange. Their collective journey to Europe for the shoot reflects not only a milestone for the group but also a testament to the global appeal and inclusive vision of Acne Studios.

Set to launch globally on 14 March 2024, the campaign signifies more than a seasonal promotion—it’s a cultural dialogue between Acne Studios’ Scandinavian roots and the global music scene, embodied by the fresh faces of ILLIT. The campaign, supported by talents such as Set Designer Alice Kirkpatrick, Choreographer Eric Christison, and Make-Up Artist Ana Takahashi, aims to merge fashion with the vibrant energy of K-Pop, promising a diverse and rich narrative for both the band and the brand.

In this collaboration, Acne Studios not only showcases its Spring-Summer 2024 collection but also cements its role as a nurturer of emerging talents, bridging the worlds of fashion and music with a campaign that’s both reflective and forward-looking.

Acne Studios Creative Director | Jonny Johansson
Photographer | Charlotte Wales
Stylist | Léopold Duchemin
Hair | Kiyoko Odo
Makeup | Ana Takahashi
Manicurist | Lauren Michelle Pires
Set Designer | Alice Kirkpatrick
Location | London

Editorial Director | The Impression