Adam Katz Sinding: Visions from the Streets of Milan

Capturing the Pulse: Street Scenes & Fashion Tales of Milan in September 2023

By Adam Katz Sinding

Well this is a day late due to flight delays, baggage delays, and then Rugby traffic.  I’m sitting in my apartment in Paris, the one I stay in every season for 10+ years now and reflecting on Milan.  But all I can remember is the apocalyptic rain followed by the crushing humidity.  Aside from that I DID visit a few fashion shows and thought it would be nice to share an edit of my favorite photographs I took.  For the record, I stayed away from head to toe looks by one designer in order to show you a bit more human version of Milan Fashion Week.

Ekaterina before the Sunnei show.  Simple and effortless.  I hate to use a pretentious word like “chic” but I cannot think of a person who would embody this word better.  To be fair, I think Ekat’s semi-new hair is the strongest part of her look.

You can’t do a photo story of Milan without an image of the boss.  Marcelo Burlon is a long time friend and one of the people who I see less at less at the shows.  He arrived in a head to toe white look accompanied with a party-out-back hairstyle that would make a Bogan skip a beat.

After Prada.  A beautiful face of a model leaving the show.  It’s not really about the clothes all the time, is it?

I was photographing someone and a white blur crossed my lens.  Being photobombed by Wes Anderson was an honor.  Especially when it happened at his Bar Luce.  I’ll remember this moment for a while.

Larry Curran is one of my favorite men to photograph as of recently.  His use of colors and the way he chooses to wear his suits on other days is flawless.  Plus he and I nerd out about eyewear and I am constantly intrigued by his Maison Bonnet glasses seen here.  He knocks it out of the park every time.  (A North American reference for my fellow North American)

Jenny Walton is a photographer favorite.  It’s almost impossible to take a bag photo of her, and her unique timeless style of dressing is so refreshing in this copy/paste society we live in.

I’ve been doing a little personal photo project with Nikki and following her around a bit.  I love basically every aspect of the way she presents herself on the daily.  This image is just a little cross section of a broad array of “killing it” looks.

Edward Buchanan is here to rival Larry for sure.  Both men are so well dressed I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite.  Luckily, I get to see them both nearly every day so I don’t have to choose.  After this photo I approached Edward and asked if I can take some portraits of him next time I’m in Milan.  I’m very much looking forward to this.

Robert Rabensteiner after Jil Sander.  A man who every time you see him inspires awe.  He’s someone I have found interesting since my early days at the shows, and someone I will always raise my camera to photograph.