Adidas Unveils Team Wear for Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics

For the First Time, the Vast Majority of Adidas’ Team Kits are Built From Universal Design Principles

Adidas has revealed the team kits that will be worn by its sponsored teams at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Adidas’ roster of sponsored teams comprises of nine Olympic teams and six Paralympic teams. The Olympic teams include Team GB, Team D, Hungary, Poland, Ethiopia, Ireland, Bahrain, Cuba, and Turkey. Alongside these Olympic teams, Adidas will also be sponsoring the French Athletics, French Handball and Polish Volleyball Federations at Paris 2024. ParalympicsGB, Team D Paralympics, Poland Paralympic Team, Cuba, Turkey, and Paralympics Ireland meanwhile make up the brand’s sponsored Paralympic teams.

In a first for the brand, 86% of all competition, podium, and village pieces created for Adidas’ sponsored teams are selected and designed with “universal design principles” meant to enable athletes with or without disabilities to participate in comfort, and without distraction.

Beyond team kits, Adidas’ offering extends to the 2024 athlete pack – a 49-strong footwear collection which equips athletes across 41 different disciplines, more than 20 of which may be seen on the field of play this summer.

Our belief is that there is no greater demonstration of what it means to design for an athlete than a tournament that showcases the breadth and variety of sport. Alongside the goal of supporting the athlete to perform at their best when the pressure builds, these collections seek to connect them to their home nations, via designs inspired by their individual national identities. These elements are brought together in a kit which is grounded in simplicity – resulting in a sleek, modern collection.”

– Jacqueline King, Design Director, Specialist Sports, Adidas