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The Best Men’s Spring 2025 Fashion Show Invitations

The first touchpoint between a collection’s aesthetic presence and its soon-to-be audience members, invitations represent a small yet exciting creative opportunity to ignite the journey of a fashion show. While digital invitations offer increased sustainability, accessibility, and open doors for some interesting interactivity, there’s still nothing that beats the thrill of holding a bespoke invite in your hand and anticipating the runway show it evokes.

In keeping with the relatively direct and sober spirit of the season that saw brands work from a classic perspective on their own histories and design identities, the invitations Spring 2025 Men’s season tended to keep things pretty simple. We’ve seen some pretty unexpected objects – sartorial and otherwise – deployed as invitations, but this season stuck pretty close to graphic design through paper and ink.

But that doesn’t mean they weren’t creative or impactful; Yohji Yamamoto and Prada, for example transformed paper into practical works of art through tearing or folding. Dsquared2’s invite echoed the boldly layered sensuality of its collection.

John Richmond bucked the trend and sent each invitee a different vintage 7-inch single from the new-wave scene to which his collection paid homage.

Here is a look at The Impression’s picks for the best fashion show invitations of the Spring 2025 Men’s season.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy



Dolce & Gabbana



John Richmond


Dhruv Kapoor

Louis Vuitton



Yohji Yamamoto


Dior Men’s

Dries Van Noten