Alexander Wang

'New (w)heels' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Alexander Wang rolls out the sci-fi CGI for a fun new campaign.

The social-media-based accessories campaign has an obvious inspiration in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. In each of a series of three brief videos, we see a vehicle go through a mechanical transformation and reveal itself to be an Alexander Wang bag or shoe in disguise. While the digital animation itself is a little bit goofy, the concept is fun and smart. It subtly points to the expert craftsmanship that goes into each piece while elevating its status to that of a character, perhaps even a secret envoy from an interplanetary war.

The campaign is an interesting new moment of the movement in fashion marketing which is innovating and implementing digital technologies to manipulate or reproduce actual physical pieces. It is only just beginning, and campaigns like this one make us excited to see how it continues to move forward.

Alexander Wang Creative Director | Alexander Wang
Art Director/CGI |Sucuk & Bratwurst Agency
CGI | Iosif
Sound | SCX Sound Design
Film Footage | Alexander Wang team

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression