Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Ami celebrates Pride with a beautiful campaign in tandem with the release of their Rainbow capsule collection in partnership with GLAAD.

The Paris based label, led by creative director Alexandre Matiussi, asked friends to open up in an inspirational short film about what Pride means to them. A range of 15 international talents filmed themselves from home as they reflected on love and freedom, inclusion and equality, identity and community. The highly personal film resounds with a feeling of acceptance and hope, beautifully expressing the message of Pride.

The film comes as a gesture of support for the release of the brand’s Rainbow capsule collection, from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to GLAAD. GLAAD is a non-profit media advocacy organization, and seeks to promote understanding, increase acceptance, and advance equality for LGBTQ people in and through the media.

The importance and beauty of the freedom to love is highlighted in a film and photography campaign by Amit Israeli. Physical and emotional intimacy in all its combinations is captured in thoughtful and sensitive shots. The collection’s rainbow logo pops nicely against the otherwise black-and-white images.

The campaign feels hugely important in its directness and visibility. High-profile queer artists express the personal and communal importance of Pride in their own words. The donation of all of the collection’s proceeds to GLAAD shows an awareness of the brand’s role as a powerful entity in the media and a commitment to use this role to spark positive change. The bold choice to include images of queer couples being physically intimate proudly and loudly affirms this commitment. The Impression is thankful to Ami for taking a visible and actively supportive role in the continuing conversation around acceptance, equality, and Pride, and we hope other brands can follow their example. This conversation will continue until every human being has the freedom to love. Keep fighting.

Brand Creative Director | Alexandre Mattiussi
Photographer | Amit Israeli
Talent | Christine and the Queens, Soko, Benito Skinner, Patricia Allison, Conrad Ricamora, James Scully, Rebecca Black, Andrea Faccio, Theo Germaine, Taiki and Noah, Dustin Muchuvitz, Agathe Mougin, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, L Devine, Agathe & Camille

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression