Summer 2020 Digital Ad Campaign

Ami channels the timeless fun of a day at the beach for a celebration of summer.

A new social media-based campaign from the Parisian label features vintage film of beach goers. The six clips seem to be pulled from various late-60’s sources, each one featuring a fun moment of playfulness. All together, the films function as a sort of dynamic moodboard, a video collage that evokes feelings of warm nostalgia and giddy anticipation.

Interspersed with the films on the brand’s Instagram are selections of creative director Alexandre Matiussi’s favorite art books. From fashion photographers like Juergen Teller and Guy Bourdin to painters like Hockney and Calder, it’s an exciting glimpse into the artistic preoccupations of an impressive designer – plus they make for some great beach reads.

The campaign is a fun way to keep in touch with fans in between collections. Ami is not trying to sell any specific products, but simply offering an engaging project that lends a much-needed bit of sunshine. We’re here to soak up all of it.

Ami Creative Director | Alexandre Mattiussi 

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression