Amiri appoints Adrian Ward-Rees as CEO

Amiri announced the appointment of Adrian Ward-Rees as Chief Executive Officer, starting  April 1, 2023. Adrian joins Amiri from Burberry, where he was Senior Vice President for the past three  years. Prior to Burberry, Adrian held the position of Managing Director at Dior Homme. He brings 30- plus years of knowledge and experience in the fashion and luxury goods sector to his role, which will strengthen and solidify the existing parts of the business, as well as identify new opportunities. His  vision is to embrace Amiri’s California luxury identity while increasing global awareness; and to build a  culture of innovation and elegance that translates to every touchpoint of the business. 

Adrian’s deep understanding and respect for brand culture and modern luxury make him well-suited to Amiri, where creativity, independence and authenticity have precedence. With Adrian’s appointment,  founder Mike Amiri will focus on his role as Creative Director, guiding the artistic vision of the house and  exploring and developing the accessories and womenswear lines as well as new categories. 

Mike Amiri & Adrian Ward-Rees

“Adrian has strong and holistic expertise in all facets of the business,” says Mike Amiri of this  appointment. “His thoughtful insight within the luxury sector combined with a modern approach made  him the best candidate to drive the continued growth at Amiri.” 

“I am thrilled to join Amiri. Mike has built an incredible brand with a real connection to youth culture and  modern luxury. I look forward to growing the business further, building its retail presence and the  categories in careful alignment with the Amiri universe.” – Adrian Ward-Rees.  

UK-born Adrian Ward-Rees established an early career in fashion as a buyer and merchandiser at  Selfridges, going on to work with Nike and Speedo before transitioning to the luxury market to work at  Dior Homme in 2016 and then Burberry in 2020 as Senior Vice President. Throughout his career, he  has appreciated working alongside some of the most respected leaders and creatives in the business,  including Angela Ahrendts, Christopher Bailey, Riccardo Tisci, Marco Gobeti at Burberry and Sidney  Toledano, Serge Brunschwig and Pietro Beccari, Kris van Assche and Kim Jones at Dior Homme.

Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Ward-Rees Q&A 

What do you admire most about Amiri? 
Adrian Ward-Rees (AWR): “Mike has not only built a leading global brand over a very short time, but he  has created a unique culture and spirit with his team – this approach to luxury is refreshing and paves  the way for an exciting future.”

What is Amiri’s strength in the market today? 
AWR: “Amiri has created a real connection between youth culture and modern luxury by elevating  modern staples and allowing their consumer to move through the brand. The ability to feel empowered,  relevant and grounded through denim, sneakers and tailoring is unique—the ability for its consumers to  feel connected immediately to the culture of Amiri.” 

What is your focus for the future? 
AWR: “It’s really to embrace LA luxury and to communicate it globally, to build a culture of innovation  and elegance and allow this experience to be seen through retail, online and wholesale.”

Founder, Creative Director, Mike Amiri Q&A 
Why was Adrian the right candidate for the job? 

Mike Amiri (MA): “Adrian has strong and holistic expertise in all facets of the business. His thoughtful  insight within the luxury sector and a modern approach made him the best candidate to drive the  continued growth at Amiri.” 

Why is it essential to expand the leadership team at this point? 
MA: “Amiri has grown to become one of the rare independent brands that not only participates but  thrives within the global luxury market. As we continue to build, it is important to be mindful of  supporting this growth with world-class leadership as the foundation.” 

How will this alter your responsibilities and focus?
MA: “Since the company’s start, I’ve had to balance my time carefully between my Chief Executive and  Creative Director roles. Moving forward, I can dedicate a greater share of my focus to the brand’s  creative direction and expanding the world of Amiri.” 

What do you see Amiri’S priorities moving forward? 
MA: “We plan to focus on categorical growth specifically in accessories and womenswear as well as  actualizing our retail potential in all geographies.” 

Where do you hope to steer the brand with Adrian’s help? 
MA: “With Adrian’s expertise, we will be able to strengthen and solidify the existing parts of the  business as well as identify new opportunities. Our vision is crystal clear as we continue establishing  Amiri as a global luxury Maison.”