Ann Demeulemeester "KIDS": A New Cultural Initiative

Ann Demeulemeester Introduces “KIDS”: A New Cultural Initiative

Stefano Gallici Curates a Visual Diary Celebrating Artistic Collaboration

The house of Ann Demeulemeester has launched “KIDS,” a cultural project under the guidance of Creative Director Stefano Gallici. This venture steps away from traditional fashion campaigns, opting for a visual exploration of a vibrant community of artists and makers across London, Paris, and Berlin. “KIDS” reflects the brand’s commitment to fostering connections within creative communities and serves as a platform for emerging talents to express their ideas freely.

Stefano Gallici Portrait

“KIDS marks my first project inside Ann Demeulemeester not directly linked to a collection
or the runaway, and yet integral to my idea of gathering a tribe, a gang of like-minded
peers around the brand and give them a playground and a sense of belonging. Ann
nowadays addresses makers: any maker regardless of age, shape, gender.

– Stefano Gallici

The project’s first chapter honors the diverse talents who have shaped Gallici’s vision for the brand’s SS24 collection, showcasing a range of artists, including Alexander Carey-Morgan (UK) – an artist; October Logan (UK) and Edwin Tay (UK), both musicians; Edward Drewett (UK), a musician and jewelry designer; Micha N. Hempenius (GER), a musician with The Midnight Audience; Tim Gienke (GER), a poet; Capucine Lepine (FR/GER), an artist; and Maresz Miciula (FR), a model and musician. Through Gallici’s photographic journey, “KIDS” captures the creative processes and personal stories of these up-and-coming talents, looking into the spaces where their artistry comes to life.

The urge to build a community is one main personal and creative drive for me. It brings close friends who are up-and-coming artists in their own right, with the aim to collaborate or just exchange ideas, making their voice heard because they are an inspiration to my work process. Our dialogues feed a visual diary, of which KIDS is the first chapter: a tribute to those who inspire me and push me to make. Working and growing with my friends, as well as discovering hidden talents, is what I always dreamt of. This first project got me involved in a reckless tour that touched the cities of London, Paris and Berlin. Visiting these artists where they live and work, in their favorite inspiration spots, I was able to dive into the art and see what’s behind, ultimately capturing the essence of the habits and the work process of my fellows. I did so with a camera. Here is my unfiltered view

– Stefano Gallici

By documenting these encounters, “KIDS” is a tribute to the spirit of creative collaboration and artistic exploration. It presents a narrative that goes beyond individual achievements to highlight the collective creativity of the featured artists.

With “KIDS,” Ann Demeulemeester charts a new course that embraces diversity and innovation in art and fashion. This initiative marks a significant step for the brand, redefining its relationship with the art world and inviting viewers to engage with the emerging art scenes of some of the world’s most influential cities.

Alexander Carey-Morgan

Alexander Carey-Morgan is a British artist whose work is deeply inspired by the rich tapestry of ancient Egyptian mythology and culture. Through his intricate and bronze-cast objects, he invites us to reflect on our place in the grand scheme of things and ponder the enduring legacy of our ancestors.

IG: @alexandercareymorgan

Capucine Lepine

Capucine Lépine, 22, french multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. I recently felt legit to use this word, and it really made my life easier. I can still tell that my main activity remains the tattoo, even if I’m not entirely dedicated to it because of all the horizons that art is offering to me. Recently, I’ve been deeply finding myself behind a book writing stories and poems or while letting my fingers dancing on strings or even by conceiving art pieces in different materials which occupy the three quarters of my room. Through this constant discovery of my person, I learnt how to link and juggle different types of art thereby materializing bridges between them.  

Edwin Tay

Edwin Tay is a model and musician based in East London. He is part of the underground scene in the area and is part of the rock n’ roll outfit Tabac Rat.

IG:@ drowning.lessons__

M.N. Hempenius

Artist M.N Hempenius is a key part of Berlin’s underground art and music scene.
Together with fellow polyedric creative Noah Swan, he fronts The Midnight Audience, a staple in the city’s avant-garde.

The band manifesto reads: “A sonic pursuit consisting of existential echoes. Space is created and played within. Psychological processes transition across and through. The sound of what came before now yells to the future. The Audience acts as a space in between, listeners are thrust from one mental room to another. From memory to recollection to the uncanny threshold. Corridors of psychic whirling find melody in disharmony and order in chaos. This is The Midnight Audience.”

With photographer Max Theodor and painter Aidan Wallace, Hempenius runs Hinterraum Berlin, a space for experimentation and development of sonic, visual and performance, where artistic residencies, shows and live gigs are performed, reuniting the german capital’s scene.

IG:@zurich444  @themidnightmovieaudience @hinterraumberlin
Images Shot At Hinterraum Berlin

Maresz Miciula

Maresz Miciula is a model and musician based in Paris. Making music from the most ordinary places, such as her room, train wagons and passing through outdoor locations, she has released a number of singles and an album of ethereal, experimental pop in 2024, called Teenage Witch,

IG:@ mareszzzzz

October Logan & Edward Drewett

London based musician October Logan is the band leader of outfit October and the Eyes.
 Having moved half way across the world from a humble wine county in rural New Zealand to her new home in East London, October has remained true to her traditional isolated sensibilities by holing up in her East London flat for several months and writing a small collection of songs that can be described as dizzying, darkly kaleidoscopic, and dauntless above all.
 October, signed to KRO Records, is back with her brand new single ‘Spiral’.
 October describes her musical style as ‘Collage-Rock’ (not the be confused with college rock). Pulling musical inspiration from the likes of Bauhaus, Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux and Suicide, she then squeezes her influences through the gauze of modernity and electronics, thus creating something entirely of her own. With nods to acid rock, psychobilly and post-punk, October and The Eyes music is equal parts nostalgia-drenched as it is future forward, employing layers of ambient synth drones to anchor the crunched guitars and jagged organ parts.

Edward Drewett is a musician and jewelry designer based in East London, whose underground scene he is integral part of.

IG: @octob_r @edwarddrewett

Tim Gienke

Tim Gienke is a poet from Berlin who has been collaborating with the brand for two seasons, writing poems that worked as a manifesto for the collection.

IG: @timgnk_