Another Tomorrow

'The Foundation' 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Another Tomorrow ‘The Foundation’ 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Elizabeth Giardina and Photographer Josh Olins with model Carolyn Murphy

Another Tomorrow introduces a high-concept, low-impact take on luxury with The Foundation. The timeless collection of sustainably made wardrobe staples is celebrated with a campaign by photographer Josh Olins.

Conceived as an evergreen, seasonless, and permanent selection of wardrobe essentials (including outerwear, suiting, knitwear, denim, and separates), The Foundation is just that – a backbone to Another Tomorrow’s proposition of mindful minimalism, distilling its practices of conscious simplicity to form a steady groundwork for future collections. Responding to greater calls for traceability and transparency in the supply chain, each piece has a distinct digital ID that allows its owner to trace its provenance and the sustainability practices behind each stage of its creation.

Olins’ portraits of model Carolyn Murphy respond to these brand values of beautiful simplicity. Maintaining a soulful and precise clarity, the imagery lets Murphy’s powerful presence and the thoughtful timelessness of the designs speak for themselves.

While one could say that the imagery feels more like a lookbook rather than a true campaign, especially considering that there is a lot of concept and responsibility behind the collection that we can’t see from the images, the approach feels right for the brand. This is a take on luxury that is transparent, elegant, and honest, and the gorgeously simple photographic perspective expresses these values through a minimal and refined visual vocabulary. 

Another Tomorrow Creative Director | Elizabeth Giardina
Photographer | Josh Olins
Model | Carolyn Murphy