Antoine Arnault Steps Down as CEO of Berluti

Antoine Arnault Hands Over the Reins to Jean-Marc Mansvelt as Berluti’s New CEO

In a significant shift within the LVMH group, Antoine Arnault has stepped down from his role as CEO of Berluti, the prestigious men’s fashion house. Arnault’s departure marks the end of a transformative era for Berluti, where he elevated the brand from a renowned shoemaker to a comprehensive men’s fashion label. Jean-Marc Mansvelt, the current CEO of Chaumet since 2014, is set to take over as Berluti’s CEO starting January 1.

This change has initiated a notable reshuffle in LVMH’s watches and jewelry division. Charles Leung, serving as CEO of Fred since 2018, will now step into Mansvelt’s role at Chaumet. The appointment of Leung’s successor at Fred is yet to be announced.

Under Arnault’s stewardship, Berluti witnessed remarkable growth, with revenues estimated to have increased eightfold, nearing 300 million euros in 2023, and apparel making up about 20 percent of the business. Berluti’s workforce expanded from approximately 200 to nearly 1,100 employees during this period. Arnault will continue in his various capacities within LVMH, including as chairman of Loro Piana and head of communication and environment at LVMH.

Mansvelt, transitioning to Berluti, brings a wealth of experience in luxury goods and a background in leather goods. He is tasked with building on the positive trajectory set by Arnault. Under Mansvelt’s leadership, Chaumet has seen substantial growth, with revenues increasing more than fourfold, reaching around 450 million euros.

Leung’s return to Chaumet follows a successful tenure at Fred, where he strengthened the brand’s unique position and oversaw significant growth. His deep understanding of the jewelry industry and diverse markets positions him well to elevate Chaumet to new heights.

Arnault’s efforts at Berluti included diversifying into casual styles and strengthening the brand’s tailoring legacy. Notable product launches and strategic retail expansions marked his tenure, solidifying Berluti’s status in luxury fashion. Additionally, Arnault confirmed Berluti’s role in dressing French teams for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This executive reshuffle reflects LVMH’s commitment to nurturing its talent and reinforcing the leadership within its prestigious brands, ensuring continued innovation and growth in the luxury sector.