Anya Hindmarch Launches Anya’s Fruit & Veg at her London Village

Anya Hindmarch Launches Anya's Fruit & Veg at her London Village

The Retail Concept’s Latest Installment Celebrates All Things Fruit and Vegetable

Anya Hindmarch has launched her latest addition to the brand’s Anya Village, Anya’s Fruit & Veg.

The Anya Village is a unique retail concept centered around the designer’s original HQ in London. Complete with a cafe and village hall, and featuring rotating installations and pop-up shops, the retail hub is meant to transform the brand into a communal experience.

The new fruit and vegetable shop is modeled after a traditional greengrocer, but given a twist through the lens of the brand’s signature humor. Humble foodstuffs are transformed into covetable items through cheeky, collectible packaging. Limited-edition merchandise, from aprons and tea towels to T-shirts and baseball caps, will be available in-store, with a limited selection also landing on Net-A-Porter.

The store launches on August 23rd and will run through September 25th, overlapping with London’s fashion week.

I always loved the idea of The Village being a real community and having all kinds of things pop up that you would normally find in a village… a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker. It feels apt to reimagine the essential fruit and veg store for our type of village.

– Anya Hindmarch

The Impression applauds the evolving retail eco-system of stores which is one of fashion’s smartest experiential retail concepts happening today: fun, upbeat, socially conscious, in tune with its customers, and ultimately quite tasty.

Anya’s Village in London

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