Armarium x Martin Laforêt 'First Shoes' 2024 Ad Campaign


Shoes 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Armarium Shoes 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Giorgia Gabriele and Artist Martin Laforêt

Armarium’s first shoe campaign takes shape as a unique collaboration with artist and furniture designer Martin Laforêt.

In addition to teaming with creative director Giorgia Gabriele to compose the campaign imagery, Laforêt created two unique concrete pieces that feature prominently. The texture and form of these deceptively minimal concrete structures – part architectural relic, part furniture, part sculpture – evocatively offsets the angles and curves of Amarium’s architectural shoe design. These industrial forms a further juxtaposed with the soft lines of a human body for a rich and layered textural interplay.

Enlisting a furniture designer as your main campaign collaborator may seem like an unexpected move, and the process is a bit mysterious – but seeing the results, we’re definitely not disappointed. Laforêt’s and Gabriele’s distinct design visions both juxtapose and harmonize, creating a layered vision of minimal elegance.

Armarium Creative Director | Giorgia Gabriele
Artist | Martin Laforêt

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression