AZ Factory Selects Jenny Hytönen for Upcoming Couture Showcase in Paris

AZ Factory Collaborates with Hyères Winner Jenny Hytönen for Couture Collection

AZ Factory, the fashion house co-founded by the late Alber Elbaz, is welcoming Finnish designer Jenny Hytönen, the 2022 winner of the prestigious Hyères festival, to create a couture project for its upcoming showcase during Paris Couture Week, scheduled from January 22 to 25.

Hytönen, renowned for her expertise in knitwear, leather craft, and integration of high-tech elements in fashion design, is set to present a 10-piece collection. This collaboration marks AZ Factory’s continued commitment to fostering emerging talent and bridging the gap between traditional couture and contemporary design sensibilities. Hytönen’s unique blend of shyness and bold creativity, alongside her intricate techniques, aligns with AZ Factory’s ethos of “smart fashion that cares.”

At Hyères, Hytönen distinguished herself with a striking combination of knitwear and elements inspired by BDSM, culminating in an unforgettable cyborg bride featuring 25,000 glass beads and an LED bodysuit with a heart sensor. Her blend of artistic flair and technological innovation made her an ideal choice for AZ Factory’s couture venture.

Hytönen’s journey into the world of high fashion began with her graduation from Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture, followed by a stint as a knitwear designer with Olivier Theyskens. Her collaboration with AZ Factory will not only provide her with a platform to showcase her unique vision but also allow her to work with a seasoned design team and gain valuable exposure in the international fashion arena.

The invitation to Hytönen is part of AZ Factory’s strategy to support and cultivate young designers, creating a dialogue with a generation fascinated by limited-edition and bespoke products. This approach aligns with Alber Elbaz’s legacy of celebrating the artistry of the atelier and the intricacies of couture.

Cyril Bourez, Lora Sonney, and Tennessy Thoreson are among the previous young talents who have had the opportunity to explore couture with AZ Factory, with some even achieving commercial success with their one-of-a-kind collections. This initiative underscores AZ Factory’s dedication to independent creativity and nurturing future talents in the fashion industry.