Bagllet 'Handbags' 2024 Ad Campaign


Summer 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Bagllet Summer 2024 Ad Campaign

Bagllet channels urban rhythms in its new Summer 2024 campaign. 

Drawing on the intersections with architecture and daily movement that characterize the Kyiv-based accessories brand’s slick and minimal approach to bag design, the imagery finds its characters on a rooftop overlooking a city skyline just after the summer sun has begun to rise, casting its golden light against the windows of skyscrapers and transforming the color of the sky. This transitional energy extends across the motions and moods of the models, who exude a dynamic, forward-moving force.

Styling can become an even more important tool in an accessories campaign, offering a challenge not to distract from the star bags while creating an opportunity to emphasize the product’s character in a new way and dive deeper into sartorial storytelling. Here the styling team rises to the challenge, synthesizing an aesthetic inspired by slick 90s minimalism with contemporary trends like the no-bottoms look and oversized, gender-neutral silhouettes. 

Simply conceived yet executed with a palpably propulsive energy, the campaign strikingly situates Bagllet’s essential accessories at the heart of summer city explorations.