Balmain News Winter 2023

Balmain Unveils Limited-Edition Unicorn-Ant Kai Sneakers

Balmain Continues Its Trailblazing Journey with the Unicorn Sneakers

Building upon the success of the house’s cutting-edge Unicorn sneaker, Balmain is pleased to announce its latest initiative, which blends Parisian craftsmanship together with art, technology, and inclusivity, in a way that only Balmain can.

To further solidify the house’s unique heritage of melding together audacious innovation and the distinctive savoir-faire of a historic French couture house, Balmain has collaborated with Ant Kai, an American artist celebrated for his extraordinary inventiveness in creating custom sneakers, in order to bring a fresh and dynamic spin to the best-selling Unicorn.

One part of this limited-edition collaboration will see Balmain release a one-of-a-kind, special Unicorn sneaker, which will be available exclusively at the new Atlanta flagship of the Parisian house, as well as on This unique Unicorn will showcase the distinctive flair of Ant Kai, while underlining the remarkable streamlined silhouette of Balmain’s luxury Unicorn sneaker.

In partnership with Space Runners, Balmain continues its recent history of pioneering in digital innovation by integrating a unique Generative-AI tool into the collaboration, allowing customers the possibility of customizing the bundled digital sneakers that accompany the purchase of each physical pair of special-edition Unicorn-Ant Kai sneakers. Further emphasizing its embrace of the evolving digital economy, Balmain will cater to tech-savvy customers by continuing to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option.

The partnership with Ant Kai highlights Balmain’s long history of embracing diverse talents and fresh perspectives, helping to spotlight the house’s long and extraordinary history of rebellion and innovation.. By associating with the celebrated artist, Balmain aims not just to create a new spin on a best-selling design—it is also crafting a singular narrative that resonates with a broader audience, connecting the luxury house with both a new young customer, as well as those who are young at heart.

As the Unicorn—Ant Kai partnership makes very clear, the house of Balmain has managed to remain at the forefront of luxury fashion for almost 80 years by seamlessly integrating Parisian savoir-faire with breakthroughs in technology, art and inclusivity.