Photos | Vincenzo Grillo, Valentina Valdinoci, Francesca Babbi, and Chiara Grioni for The Impression

Best Street Style Photos of Paris Fashion Week

Fall 2024 Shows

During Paris Fashion Week, the city’s runways were merely one movement in the grand sartorial symphony unfolding.The streets of Paris transformed into a dynamic fashion exhibit, blending cutting-edge designer creations with unparalleled street style. Set against the city’s iconic boulevards and quaint cafés, this fashion tableau was a testament to the unique flair and creativity of influencers, editors, and style enthusiasts alike. They didn’t just attend the event; they were integral to the vibrant, fashionable lifeblood of Paris.

Through the expert eyes of The Impression’s photography team, the essence of Parisian street style came alive – from the effortlessly elegant to the boldly eclectic. Each captured moment reflects the distinct individuality and forward-thinking style that pulse through the city’s veins, offering a deeper look into the fashion world that thrives far beyond the catwalk’s lights.

Photo | Vincenzo Grillo, Valentina Valdinoci, Francesca Babbi, and Thomas Razzano for The Impression