Birkenstock Spring 2024 News

Birkenstock 1774 Unveils Artistic New Styles in Collection IV

New York’s Creative Heritage Inspires Birkenstock 1774 Collection IV

In a tribute to the vibrant artistic spirit of downtown New York during the 70s and 80s, Birkenstock’s latest 1774 Collection for Spring/Summer 2024 unveils a fusion of functional design and urban adaptability. Celebrating a period of artistic experimentation and collaboration, the collection pays homage to the city’s role as a beacon for creativity and innovation.

Photographer Max Farago brings the essence of New York’s streets to life in the campaign, capturing intimate portraits of a diverse group of locals who embody the city’s dynamic energy. Among them is Cassi Namoda, a Mozambican-born painter whose nomadic journey has deeply influenced her art, seamlessly blending personal narratives with historical context. Rafael Prieto, the visionary behind Savvy Studio and Casa Bosques, brings his unique perspective to the mix, shaping innovative concepts across various domains since establishing his presence in NYC. Coco Gordon Moore, an enigmatic figure known for her multifaceted talents as an artist, poet, and model, adds to the eclectic mix, while Louis Mueller, a stalwart of American contemporary painting, reflects on his six-decade-long career intertwined with the essence of New York. As they traverse iconic city landmarks, the campaign offers glimpses into their personal narratives, showcasing how these creative forces have reshaped the cultural landscape of New York.