Bottega Veneta

Pre-Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Matthieu Blazy with Talent A$AP Rocky and Photography from the Paparazzi

Bottega Veneta brilliantly repurposes paparazzi photography with an atypical Pre-Spring 2024 campaign starring A$AP Rocky.

Cleverly aping the paparazzi photographic approach, the campaign imagery finds Rocky on the go in a series of candid snaps as he goes about his regular daily routine, during which he just happens to be clad head-to-toe in Bottega. In one image, he walks down the street with a grocery bag full of produce and flowers (presumably for Rihanna), while other spontaneous shots find him on his daily jog or heading to the studio.

The artist shared some fun insight into the campaign and his unique relationship with paparazzi via an Instagram caption, saying, “Throughout history, there has always been a funny relationship between photographers and celebrities. Even down to the rights and the usage of photos, and the tabloid hustle, there’s always seemed to be a disconnection between famous people and the photographers who follow & film them. While certain celebrities call paparazzi on themselves, other celebrities might get confrontational with photographers. while a very small few, such as myself, don’t mind, as long as they post the good angles, of course.”

The campaign’s title, “Readymade” – a reference of course to Marcel Duchamp’s revolutionary use of prefabricated materials in his artwork – invites further reflection on themes of cultural reproduction, image ownership, and content saturation, repurposing the endless stream paparazzi images available online while situating the brand at an elevated perspective.

While the approach marks a bit of a visual departure from Bottega Veneta’s recent campaigns, it perfectly fits in with the brand’s ethos of organic messaging and a commitment to honest, beautifully crafted pieces worn by unique individuals. Bottega Veneta doesn’t do overt celebrity partnerships and street style commissions, but is still admired and worn by plenty of notable creatives who genuinely appreciate Matthieu Blazy’s approach to design. This campaign is a smart extension of that practice, teaming with one of the brand’s coolest devotees to create a powerful synthesis of pop-culture and personality.

Bottega Veneta Creative Director | Matthieu Blazy
Photographer | Paparazzi
Talent | A$AP Rocky