Bottega Veneta Unveils Summer 24 Fanzine

Bottega Veneta Unveils Summer 24 Fanzine

Step into the world of Bottega Veneta’s Summer 24 collection with an exclusive look behind the scenes and an invitation to embark on your own creative journey

Bottega Veneta has launched its latest fanzine, offering readers an immersive journey into the creative process behind Matthieu Blazy’s Summer 24 collection. Available free-of-charge, the publication is now accessible in all Bottega Veneta stores worldwide, as well as select bookstores.

Crafted across four volumes, the fanzine encapsulates the essence of both physical and imaginative voyages, featuring photography by renowned artist Alec Soth. With behind-the-scenes glimpses, sketches, stickers, and a travel notebook, readers are transported to the captivating backdrop of the campaign shoot in Tokyo, inspiring their own real and creative wanderings.

Enclosed in a printed slipcase adorned with an illustrated map reminiscent of the Summer 24 show flooring, the fanzine echoes the spirit of adventure and discovery. Soth’s campaign photography captures the whimsical playground locations across Tokyo, mirroring the material craft and imagination of Blazy’s designs.

Volumes 2 and 3 of the fanzine invite readers to embark on their own journeys, offering a Carnet de Voyage and a sticker set featuring motifs from the Tokyo playground structures and the Summer 24 runway. The final volume shares exclusive behind-the-scenes images from the campaign shoot.

Describing Summer 24 as an “Odyssey,” Blazy emphasizes its essence of freedom and hope. The fanzine serves as an open invitation for readers to join this journey, encouraging them to imagine and document their own escapes and adventures.

This marks Bottega Veneta’s fourth fanzine, extending its availability beyond brand stores to selected bookstores worldwide, including renowned locations in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Additionally, from March 29 to April 14, the brand will host the “Tokyo Playtime” exhibition at Seeen, featuring Alec Soth’s captivating images from the Summer 24 campaign alongside his works shot in Japan throughout his career.