Burberry Classics Spring 2024 ad campaign with Iris Law and Quinn Kirwan


'Classics' Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Burberry ‘Classics’ Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Davit Giorgadze with models Iris Law and Quinn Kirwan

Check it out! Burberry reintroduces the world to its classic check with a new campaign by photographer Davit Giorgadze.

The brand’s new “Classics” line sees still relatively new creative director Daniel Lee relaunch the brand’s most classic check colorway – which hasn’t yet made an appearance in his main seasonal collections – across a range of sophisticated wardrobe staples.

Giorgadze’s simple and direct photos capture models Iris Law and Quinn Kirwan before backdrops of either all-over white or all-over check. The intimate energy echoes Lee’s strong approach to seasonal campaigns, but the simplicity of the setting and looks means it doesn’t quite make the same impact.

On the one hand, the straightforwardness of the campaign nicely matches the familiarity of the garments. The impact comes from the fact that this plaid pattern is iconic and recognizable. On the other hand, however, it might be a missed opportunity not to more fully draw this new line into Lee’s overarching visual narrative for the brand, which makes it feel like a bit of a capitulation to a more commercial mindset.

Burberry Creative Director | Daniel Lee
Photographer | Davit Giorgadze
Models | Iris Law and Quinn Kirwan

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression