Celine Fall 2019 Women's Ad Campaign 1


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign 1

Perhaps more than any designer operating today Hedi Slimane respects the power of imagery with equal measure as that of the product. Operating as a man of many hats, designer/art director/photographer/director, the creative champion shows his respect for the ‘image’ in his latest sophomore outing campaign for Celine fall 2019.

The campaign is first and foremost a digital campaign build in the portraiture mode that is befitting the handheld shape that has become key to eyeballs today. But it is what he does in his video that is most telling, rather than build motion or dialogue with model Marland Backus, he celebrates his key imagery of the season using a slideshow of stills in the 1:51-second video set to Shitkid’s “Yooouuu.”

It is a campaign driven by an art director who reveres the image, holds it on a pedestal and understands its power. Something far too many art directors of today have lost in proposals while battling marketing team enamored by digitals bells and whistles.

Slimane adds color this season to his signature black-and-white style, almost as if the designer is saying he understands Celine’s house codes and will manage them as he sees fit. Something many critics voiced concerns of with the designers first season.

Overall it is a powerful sophomore outing and a case for the power of imagery and directness in the message. Slimane is in this for the long haul rebuilding Celine brick by brick in his own image, and he owns it because he understands its power.

Creative Director | Hedi Slimane
Photographer/Director | Hedi Slimane
Models | Marland Backus and Adrien
Location | Paris
Music | “Yooouuu” by Shitkid

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