CH Carolina Herrera

Resort 2024 Accessories Ad Campaign

Review of CH Carolina Herrera Resort 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Felix Cooper with model Cara Delevingne

Fashion is a unique form of expression. It allows us to tell our story without words. The details, colors and accessories we choose speak of who we are and what we value.

CH Carolina Herrera is proud to present Initials Insignia Bag through the eyes of the photographer Felix Cooper, who has directed model and actress Cara Delevingne to represent, through a seriesof videos and photographs full of humor and irony, the spirit and concept behind each bag.

Cara, with her captivating character, embodies the values of CH Carolina Herrera. Her magnetic personality, vitality, wit and passion for life perfectly reflect the spirit of the Initials Insignia Bag.This collaboration is an invitation to find and express our own insignia.

Initials Insignia Bag is a celebration of individuality and timeless elegance. What defines you? What is your insignia? These are the questions that underpin the collection.

The exceptional craftsmanship of our Leather Atelier in Spain is reflected in each bag, a masterpiece with over eleven hours of work by master craftsmen. Created with passion in three of our exclusive leathers, Baobab, Sequoia and Mocán, they are a tribute to the exceptional properties of nature and its ability to evolve over time.

One of the strongest concepts of the campaign is to play with the names Cara and Carolina. Both initials create a fun, attention-grabbing game: Is it Cara or Carolina? A coincidence that is also reflected in the metal clasps with Carolina’s initials, transformed from the iconic Insignia bracelet.

The images show the Alegria de Vivirand the kind of weird and wonderful situations that define the character of the protagonist. They playfully reflect moments from Cara’s everyday life. Walking down the street, strolling with her dog, endlessly pulling things out of her bag, picking up her luggage at the airport, showing her undying love for Initials Insignia, and even putting a soundtrack to her favorite model.

CH Carolina Herrera Creative Director | Wes Gordon
Photographer | Felix Cooper
Models | Cara Delevingne