Chanel Teams with Artists, Models & Writers to Tease Métiers d’Art Fashion Show

Chanel-2021:22 Metiers D'art Fashion Show

The Power of 8 – Ahead of its Latest Show to be held at the Newly Unveiled  le19M, Chanel has Engaged 8 Authors, 8 Writers & 8 Artists

For the 2021/22 Métiers d’art show presented at le19M, Chanel called upon the Remembers Studio to make animated films and illustrations. Thus, eight models close to the House (Fran Summers, Pan Haowen, Mariam de Vinzelle, Rianne Van Rompaey, Loli Bahia, Mica Argañaraz, Lola Nicon and Akon Changkou) are portrayed in imaginary worlds inspired by eight Métiers d’art (Lesage, Lemarié, Massaro, Maison Michel, Goossens, Desrues, Atelier Montex and Lognon). 

Chanel invited eight authors to celebrate the wealth and diversity of the Métiers d’art in residence at le19M. On entering this new space dedicated to fashion’s historic and unique savoir-faire, the writers Anne Berest, Lilia Hassaine, Nina Bouraoui, Salomé Kiner and Sarah Chiche, the author and composer Clara Ysé, the musician and writer Abd Al Malik, as well as the artist Claude MC Solaar, discovered the magic of the Métiers d’art along with the ateliers, the gestures, the vocabulary and the history of these Houses. Eight texts emerged from their visits: intimate stories, micro-fiction, poems, a letter, and the free association of memories, all pay tribute to this exceptional artisanal heritage, for which le19M provides an equally precious showcase.

le19M serves as the backdrop and muse to the films and illustrations, which have a lively graphic rhythm and are inspired as much by manga as by avant-garde animation. A tribute to Chanel’s creative dialogue with the Métiers d’art, they echo the virtuosity of the great artisans they celebrate. They combine the symbols of the House, historic fashion savoir-faire and the unique architecture of le19M, this place where dreams are made.

From tweed and embroidery to two-tone shoes, costume jewelry, pleats, jeweled buttons, hats, and camellias, the House’s aesthetic vocabulary is constantly reinterpreted by the Chanel Creation Studio, and brought to life through the savoir-faire of the Métiers d’art. Just like these eight Houses that work each season to create the exceptional.

Celebrating Chanel’s creative dialogue with the Métiers d’art, the exceptional savoir-faire of their artisans aligns with symbols of the House and the unique architecture of 𝘭𝘦19M — this place where dreams are made. The film of the Chanel 2021/22 Métiers d’art show will be revealed today at 5 pm Paris time.

Model Mariam de Vinzelle renders sublime the savoir-faire of the flower maker Lemarié.

Model Pan Haowen glides amongst the sequins, beads, threads and motifs of the contemporary embroidery atelier Montex.

Model Fran Summers adds a playful radiance to the savoir-faire of the embroiderer and tweed maker Lesage.

The Chanel two-tone pumps made by the shoemaker Massaro come to life in a game of hide-and-seek with model Rianne Van Rompaey.

Surrounded by ribbons and hats, model Loli Bahia reveals the savoir-faire of the hatter and milliner Maison Michel.