Jacquemus Fall 2021 Ad Campaign


Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Chloé Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Art Director Peter Miles and Photographer Zoë Ghertner with models Andi Silva Venegas, Celeste Romero, and Hannah Jo

Chloé celebrates sea and sun with an earthy new campaign for Fall 2021. Under the new creative directorship of Gabriela Hearst, the campaign continues the maison’s long-form collaboration with photographer Zoë Ghertner, and features art direction from Peter Miles.

The campaign imagery forms a rich visual exploration of natural femininity and mother nature. Ghertner captures her protagonists on beaches, in deserts, under waterfalls, among fields of wildflowers, paying delicate attention to the sunlight on skin.

The mood is supported by earthy styling that puts a focus on Hearst’s artful knack for knitwear and leathercraft. Many of the knit pieces follow the contours of the body, accentuating the theme of femininity and its connection to the creative, nurturing powers of nature. Ghertner finds meditative visual conversations between these pieces, these bodies, and elements of the natural world.

The campaign is a great way to continue to develop the aesthetic and conceptual revitalization of the brand that has followed Hearst’s appointment as creative director.

Chloé scrubbed its prior Instagram presence in the spring, replacing it with a brief series of images captured by Ghertner, a meditative moodboard made up of tiny glimpses at the beauty of nature. Though beautiful, the imagery seemed disconnected and abstract on its own, and many were wondering at the risky reinvention that Chloé seemed to be undergoing. From that quiet beginning however, the brand’s presence has steadily grown, branching off in new directions but, tree-like, always developing from what has come before.

This is the first seasonal campaign we have seen from the brand since then, and now we can recognize that the move was carefully considered. The campaign imagery develops holistically out of the primordial conceptual and aesthetic groundwork that Hearst and Ghertner have established for the brand, and solidifies it into a strong identity. Chloé is putting out exciting new roots, and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow.

Chloé Creative Director | Gabriela Hearst
Art Director | Peter Miles
Photographer | Zoë Ghertner
Stylist | Camilla Nickerson
Models | Andi Silva Venegas, Celeste Romero, and Hannah Jo
Casting Director | Jess Hallett
Producer | Alexis Piqueras
Locations | Hurricane, Utah, Los Angeles, California, and Hidalgo, Mexico