Chloé Soho Hosts Exclusive Partnership Celebration with Vestiaire Collective

Chloé has revealed its Spring-Summer 2023 collection, which highlights the Chloé Vertical—a digital ID powered by EON. This technology enables customers to track their Chloé products comprehensively, from material sourcing to the final product. By scanning labels with a smartphone, customers gain access to detailed manufacturing information, care instructions, and even an ownership certificate. The collaboration also enables direct resale through Vestiaire Collective, a renowned online marketplace for pre-loved luxury fashion.

The Chloé Vertical collection consists of three product categories: bags, shoes, and ready-to-wear. The project involved close cooperation with Chloé’s suppliers and manufacturers to ensure complete traceability across the entire supply chain. All materials used in the collection—linen, silk, wool, and leather—are fully traceable. Chloé obtains its leather from French farms and partners with the reputable French tannery Haas, known for its craftsmanship and sustainability commitment. The linen used in ready-to-wear pieces originates from eco-friendly farming methods in Normandy. Additionally, the silk is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), while the wool is sourced from Gabriela Hearst’s family ranch in Uruguay and processed in Italy.

The integration of the digital ID serves multiple purposes in revolutionizing the fashion industry’s business model. It ensures product authenticity, instilling customer confidence. It also provides traceability, enabling customers to understand the complete journey of their items. Moreover, it facilitates care and repair by offering valuable maintenance instructions to extend the lifespan of Chloé products. Scanning the digital ID leads customers to a dedicated Chloé Vertical page, where they can access relevant information and obtain a certificate of authenticity. Notably, this certificate simplifies the resale of Chloé items through Vestiaire Collective.

The exclusive partnership between Chloé, EON, and Vestiaire Collective marks a significant step toward promoting circularity and prolonging the lifespan of fashion products. Chloé will be the first fashion house to introduce a digital ID-integrated resale system, streamlining the selling experience for customers. Through a co-branded platform powered by Vestiaire Collective, customers can conveniently return and sell their pre-owned Chloé items. The resale process utilizes EON’s Instant Resale capability, providing customers with immediate price offers and prompt payment after successful authentication. The year-long pilot project will initially launch in the USA, Europe, and the UK, extending sustainable and transparent fashion choices to customers worldwide.