Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Coach Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers and Photographer Renell Medrano with talent Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Kōki, and Jeremy Lin

Coach shares a new campaign that sees the Coach family celebrate a joyful return to spending time with their communities. The Fall 2021 campaign was once again photographed by Renell Medrano.

The campaign stars familiar faces from the Coach Family: Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Kōki, and Jeremy Lin. Medrano’s energetic color photographs capture them outdoors in moments of spontaneous joy as they reconnect with their groups and communities. The candid portraits beautifully tap into the happiness and relief of long-awaited moments of togetherness that are finally emerging after lockdown – in some sense a return to normal, but also with a newfound knowledge and appreciation of the importance and tender fragility of these moments.

With the same lineup we’ve been seeing in Coach campaigns since at least last fall season, and its energy of openness and spontaneity, the imagery covers familiar territory for Coach. But this sense of repetition and familiarity is not necessarily a bad thing, and here it is in fact used quite effectively to create the warm emotional impact of the campaign.

It’s no accident that the brand calls their ambassadors the Coach Family – seeing these familiar faces in happy and inclusive group settings, finally getting to go out and interact with others, feels like a warm hug, a welcome celebration of togetherness after making it through a difficult time of isolation.

The campaign feels relatable not just because these are familiar and beloved personalities who are experiencing the same emotional journeys as we are, but also because Coach has wisely unfolded these campaigns at the pace of real life. We don’t know where things will go or how we will change as life slowly goes on, but we hope to find joy in the present and meet the future with the strength of togetherness.

Coach offers us a real reminder to be open to the beauty of these moments and to help guide each other back to them.

Coach Creative Director | Stuart Vevers
Photographer | Renell Medrano
Talent | Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Kōki, and Jeremy Lin
Stylist | Olivier Rizzo