Coach Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


‘Holiday Is Where You Find It’ 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Coach ‘Holiday Is Where You Find It’ 2020 Ad Campaign with Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan & more

Coach unveils its Holiday 2020 campaign. Titled “Holiday Is Where You Find It,” the campaign celebrates togetherness and traditions new and old.

The campaign picks up on themes of the brand’s Fall 2020 family campaign, which featured brand ambassadors Jennifer Lopez and Michael B. Jordan alongside their families, as well as other members of the extended Coach family. The images do feel somewhat dressed-up or arranged, but their is also an intimate feeling of candidness and spontaneity that can only come from a real connection between friends and family.

Coach deserves to be recognized for their meaningful representation of people and families of color. After the turmoil of this year and the spotlight it put on the entrenchment of institutional racism in the United States, the depiction of Michael B. Jordan and his family’s observance of Kwanzaa – a holiday specifically created to celebrate African-American culture and history – feels especially important.

The idea of togetherness and making the most of being stuck at home is sure to be the dominant theme of this year’s holiday campaigns, and Coach is wise to get ahead of the curve.

They express this idea with both lightheartedness and a subtly deep sense of reverence for the rarity and importance of this type of togetherness.

Photographers and Directors | Ryan McGinley, Renell Medrano, Hao Zeng, Brad Ogbonna, Takako Noel, Yuaan, Fan Xin, DJ Furth, Zhangmeng, Jian LV and Christelle de Castro
Model | Jennifer Lopez, Guadelupe Lopez, Emme Muñiz, Max Muñiz, Michael B. Jordan, Michael A. Jordan, Donna Jordan, Khalid Jordan, Jamila Jordan-Theus, Kiko Mizuhara, Yuka Mizuhara, Jeremy Lin, Josh Fan, Yang Zi, Camila Morrone, Megan Thee Stallion, Quincy, Yuna, and Ramla Ali