Coperni Spring 2024 Fashion Ad Campaign


Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Coperni Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Directors Kevin Tekinel & Charles Levai of Agency Maybe with Photographer Karim Sadli with models Lulu Tenney

For Coperni’s latest ad venture, the brand situates itself within the silence of one of Europe’s largest anechoic chambers at LNE in Trappes, a nod to its SS24 show’s intersection of music and science. Photographer Karim Sadli captures the essence of this meeting of disciplines, but the campaign seems to whisper where it might have sung. The images, while striking, lean heavily on the solitary figure of Lulu Tenney and a trumpet—a symbol that’s elegantly presented but doesn’t fully orchestrate the collection’s thematic potential.

The concept is solid: fashion resonating within the quietude of a space engineered to absorb sound, where Coperni’s designs could have played a more integral role in the narrative. The visuals, although sleek and chic, miss a beat by not fully integrating the science of sound into the campaign’s fabric. The anechoic chamber, rather than amplifying the themes, remains a silent background, leaving one to wonder if a video incorporating a film with actual sound might have better conveyed the collection’s inspiration.

Moreover, the campaign could have benefited from showcasing a broader range of the Spring collection’s musical elements—like the leather jacket with built-in speakers or the CD player swipe bag, to tie in more closely with Coperni’s innovative ethos. Notably featured is the handmade Metal Trumpet Corset, yet, the allure of Coperni often lies in the ‘how’ as much as in the ‘what’, a magic recently achieved with The Air Swipe Bag crafted from NASA’s silica aerogel.

In essence, Coperni’s campaign is undeniably elegant, but it strikes a singular note where a chord might have captured a more compelling story. It’s a visual melody that’s beautifully executed but leaves the audience craving the full depth of the brand’s innovative harmony.

Coperni Creative Director | Sébastien Meyer
Creative Director | Kevin Tekinel & Charles Levai
Photographer | Karim Sadli
Models | Lulu Tenney
Stylist | Helena Tejedor
Hair | Stephane Lancien
Makeup | Christelle Cocquet
Manicurist | Marie Rosa
Location | Vincent Oliveri

Editorial Director | The Impression