Diesel Launches 'Red Takeover' Concept Store in Milan

Diesel Launches ‘Red Takeover’ Concept Store in Milan

A Bold Immersive Experience Showcasing Glenn Martens’ Capsule Collection

Diesel has introduced an innovative retail concept with the opening of ‘Red Takeover,’ a temporary store adjacent to its flagship location in San Babila, Milan. Open from November 23 to January 6, this unique space is dedicated to celebrating the brand’s signature red hue, known for its vibrancy and energy.

Designed as a 52-square-meter cube, the concept store offers an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional retail. Upon entering, guests are surrounded by a three-dimensional environment bathed entirely in Diesel Red. From the walls to the floor and ceiling, the space is adorned with textural crushed red fabric, creating a dynamic and intense atmosphere.

The store will feature a limited-edition capsule collection crafted by Diesel’s Creative Director, Glenn Martens. This exclusive selection includes key items from the brand’s denim, ready-to-wear, and accessories lines. Highlights of the collection encompass red jersey knits, an Oval-D Red tank, tank dress, crew neck, black denim jackets, jeans, and the eye-catching metallic 1DR D-Red bag. Each piece reflects Diesel’s core values of confidence, individuality, and the power of personal expression.

‘Red Takeover’ is not just a store; it’s a statement about the brand’s bold approach to fashion. By transforming the shopping experience into a multisensory art concept, Diesel reasserts its commitment to innovation and distinctive personal style.