Dior and Parley for the Oceans Launch Third Eco-Conscious Capsule

Utilizing Recycled Materials, the Capsule Emphasizes Parley for the Ocean’s Mission of Bringing Style to Conservation

For the third consecutive year, Parley for the Oceans has partnered with Dior to release a Beachwear Capsule, emphasizing their commitment to a more eco-innovative future in fashion.

The 2024 collection builds on the environmentally conscious designs of the previous year, featuring garments made entirely from innovative materials. Notably, 30% of the collection utilizes Parley Ocean Plastic, transforming each piece into what they term a “Symbol of Change.” This initiative underscores support for environmental causes and aligns with Parley’s vision for a Material Revolution.

A large part of what we do at Parley is to intercept plastic from nature. We collect all these waste materials and transform them, giving them a second life in luxury products that can supercharge a Material Revolution that ultimately replaces plastics. Together with Dior, now in our third year of collaboration, we have mastered the challenge of reworking hard-to-recycle plastics into elevated textiles.”

– Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and Founder of Parley for the Oceans

The collection is characterized by a refined palette of mineral colors, ranging from aqua green to blue, contrasted with shades of white and gray. The pieces are adorned with the graphic DIOR Italic signature or the emblematic Dior Oblique pattern, adding a distinctive touch to waterproof capes, T-shirts, and H-Town sandals.

In celebration of marine life, a coral print motif features prominently on a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, and a bucket hat. The season’s bags, including the Dior 8 and the multi-wear reversible tote, are crafted from lightweight fabrics that promise flexibility, durability, and functionality, catering to a modern, casual aesthetic.

This year again, we consolidate our partnership with Parley for the Oceans with a third beachwear capsule. I’m proud to be part of the desire of the House to move to a more sustainable fashion. Nature is something important to me as it was for Monsieur Dior. The collection is mixing style and functionality which makes it very desirable for the consumers.”

– Kim Jones, Dior Men’s Creative Director