Dior Jewelry Spring 2024 Ad Campaign


Jewelry Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Dior Jewelry Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Designer Victoire de Castellane with Photographers Tyler Mitchell and Piotr Stoklosa and models Xin Liu, Haerin, and Jenna Ortega

Dior brings on the color with a star-studded Spring 2024 jewelry campaign. The imagery was shot by photographers Tyler Mitchell and Piotr Stoklosa, and stars a trio of talented young women who are all returning house ambassadors: Xin Liu, Haerin of NewJeans, and Jenna Ortega.

The simple yet bold portraits of these three stars channel pop-art energy through their use of vibrantly colored backdrops, which both juxtapose with the delicate quality of Dior’s rose-des-vents jewelry pieces while capturing their energy and charm. One set of brief video clips puts these portraits evocatively in motion, while another offers a glimpse at the savoir-faire behind the collection as the pieces are crafted in Dior’s jewelry atelier.

Bold, bright, and boasting a healthy dose of star power, the simple and sweet campaign is primed to bring a burst of bejeweled energy to Dior’s social media channels just in time for spring.

Designer | Victoire de Castellane
Photographer | Tyler Mitchell and Piotr Stoklosa
Models | Xin Liu, Jenna Ortega, and Haerin