Dior Men’s

The Future Relics Collection

Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones has invited artist Daniel Arsham to sculpt recreations Monsieur Dior’s objects including a book, clock and phone, in “the manner of precious relics transformed into contemporary works”. Arsham specializes in sculptures and installations that re-imagine everyday objects as ancient artifacts that are eroding before your very eyes, and was commissioned to spell out “Dior” using his signature technique for Kim Jones’ Summer 2020 Show.

Smartly evolving the show set pieces into a product range, the resulting sculptures portray Christian Dior’s vintage phone and clock, and most importantly his 1951 book ‘Je Suis Couturier’ which in its new iteration takes the form of a disintegrating stone jewelry box covered with crystals. Arsham has also created a pink basketball using the same methods, which also bears the Dior name and is said to be a reflection of the “American artist’s oeuvre”. These exclusive sculpture pieces are available now in the house’s boutiques. Beautifully packaged and exquisitely detailed, the sculptures also come with a tiny hour-glass as a subtle reminder that all objects of beauty will eventually return to dust.

Dior Men’s Artistic Director | Kim Jones
Artist | Daniel Arsham