Dior Opens "New Look" Exhibition

Dior Opens “New Look” Costume Exhibition

Highlighting the Historic Looks That Feature in Apple TV’s Christian Dior Series

The Galerie Dior has opened a special exhibition in conjunction with the launch of “The New Look,” the Apple TV+ series created by Todd Adam Kessler that tells the story of Christian Dior’s life and work. The exhibition, a collaboration between Dior and the series’ costume designer Karen Serreau, showcases meticulously crafted costumes drawn directly from the Dior archives.

The focal point of the exhibition is a specially curated display depicting the legendary Sorbonne Conference of 1955, a pivotal event featured in the series. During this conference, Christian Dior engaged in a captivating dialogue on fashion and couture with Jacqueline Capelle de Menou, a professor of French civilization, at the prestigious Parisian university. The conversation took place in the Grand Amphithéâtre and was followed by a runway show featuring ten of Dior’s creations.

The exhibition grants visitors a rare glimpse into Dior’s heritage, offering insight into the brand’s history and craftsmanship. A selection of models from the Dior Fall 1955 collection has been meticulously recreated for the series, including iconic pieces like “Soirée de Londres,” “Soirée chez Maxim’s,” and “Soirée de décembre.”

Through a blend of sketches, fabric samples, period photographs, and other archival materials, the exhibition captures the timeless elegance and modernity of Dior’s designs. La Galerie Dior is located within the house’s historic headquarters at 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris.