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Dior Unveils ‘Dior Scarves: Fashion Stories’ Book

Dior Scarves & A Fashion Journey Unveiled

Dior unveils “Dior Scarves: Fashion Stories,” an exquisite exploration of the iconic silk squares that have adorned the necks and wrists of fashion enthusiasts for decades. Edited by Maria Luisa Frisa, this exclusive publication delves into the rich history and artistic inspiration behind these timeless accessories, from the visionary designs of Christian Dior to the contemporary interpretations of Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Serving as the epitome of elegance and sophistication, Dior scarves have long been revered for their ability to elevate any ensemble. Whether draped around the neck, wrist, or hair, or used to accentuate accessories, each scarf embodies Monsieur Dior’s belief that “the detail is as important as the essential.”

In this captivating volume, readers are treated to a breathtaking atlas of 425 scarves, meticulously organized by theme and accompanied by stunning photographs by Brigitte Niedermair. From Parisian motifs to abstract designs inspired by modern art movements, each scarf tells a unique story, reflecting a diverse range of artistic inspirations spanning from prehistoric caves to contemporary culture.

With contributions from esteemed fashion historians such as Claire Allen-Johnstone and Émilie Hammen, the book provides unparalleled insights into the historical, technical, and sensory aspects of Dior’s craftsmanship. Through centuries-old artisanship combined with cutting-edge innovation, Dior scarves continue to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Printed on luxurious paper and dressed in a dust jacket featuring a large-format scarf reproduction, this compendium of Dior’s scarf heritage embodies the House’s commitment to excellence and creativity. Available in bookstores from March 28, 2024, this captivating volume celebrates the enduring legacy of Dior scarves and their timeless allure.