Dries Van Noten Stepping Down as Creative Director

The Belgian Designer to Present Final Collection in Spring 2025, With Successor Search Underway

In a significant announcement that marks the end of an era, Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten has confirmed his departure from the eponymous brand he founded nearly four decades ago. Known for his vibrant use of color, intricate prints, and commitment to artisanal quality, Van Noten’s last runway show will be the men’s collection for Spring-Summer 2025, presented at Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June.

The Announcement

The news was shared discreetly, with industry insiders whispering about the search for Van Noten’s successor in recent months. When approached for confirmation, Van Noten affirmed his decision to step down in June, capping off an illustrious career that has been characterized by a gradual ascent to fashion’s upper echelons and a legacy of creativity that has been both reflective and revolutionary.

“In due time, we will announce the designer who will continue the story of the DVN Men & Women. However, I will stay involved in the House that I treasure so much,” Van Noten shared, providing reassurance that while his role may be changing, his influence and presence within the brand he nurtured will persist.

A Storied Career

Van Noten’s journey in the fashion industry is one of dedication, innovation, and a deep-seated passion for the arts. His work has consistently been at the intersection of artistry and wearability, earning him a devoted following and respect among peers and critics alike. The designer’s commitment was further solidified in 2018 when he entered a partnership with Puig, selling a majority stake in his company to the Spanish luxury group. This strategic move was intended to ensure the brand’s longevity and growth, with Van Noten maintaining a significant role as a minority shareholder and continuing as chief creative officer and chairman of the board.


The collaboration with Puig has been fruitful, with the Dries Van Noten brand experiencing expansion and introduction into new categories such as beauty and fragrances. The partnership has allowed Van Noten to explore new creative avenues while ensuring the brand’s essence and ethos remain intact.

“We respect Dries’ wish to step aside, after an exceptional 38-year career in fashion,” Marc Puig, chairman and CEO of Puig, stated, acknowledging Van Noten’s monumental contribution to the industry and the brand. Puig’s sentiment reflects a mutual respect and admiration that has been the foundation of their partnership.

Legacy and Impact

Van Noten’s impact on fashion extends beyond his eponymous label. He has been a pillar of creativity and a staunch advocate for an independent design voice within the industry. His designs have captivated audiences with their intricate detailing, exquisite use of color, and the ability to transcend trends. Van Noten’s work has often been described as poetic, with collections that tell stories and evoke emotions, engaging with audiences on a deeply personal level.


Throughout his career, Van Noten has received numerous accolades, recognizing his creative genius and his ability to consistently push the boundaries of design. From the CFDA International Designer of the Year award to the honor of Designer of the Year by WWD, his contributions have been celebrated globally, cementing his status as a luminary in the field.

The Future of Dries Van Noten

As Van Noten prepares to embark on a new chapter, the fashion world eagerly anticipates the direction the brand will take under new creative leadership. The search for a successor is underway, with the industry speculating on potential candidates who can carry forward Van Noten’s legacy while injecting their unique vision into the brand.


The next phase for Dries Van Noten is poised to be a testament to the enduring appeal and relevance of the brand in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. With a foundation built on artistic expression, commitment to craftsmanship, and a distinctive design ethos, the brand is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation.

“As a young guy from Antwerp, my dream was to have a voice in fashion. Through a journey that brought me to London, Paris and beyond, and with the help of countless supportive people, that dream came true,” Van Noten reflected on his career. “Now I want to shift my focus to all the things I never had the time for. I’m sad, but at the same time happy.”


Dries Van Noten’s decision to step down from his fashion house signals not only the end of an era but also the beginning of a new chapter for the brand. As Van Noten turns his attention to personal interests and passions beyond the runway, the fashion industry watches with anticipation to see how his legacy will be carried forward by the next generation of creative leadership at the brand. With Van Noten’s guiding hand remaining involved in projects that are dear to him, the essence