Ebay Launches AI-Powered Fashion Tool

EBay Launches AI-Powered Fashion Tool

The “Shop the Look” Tool on the Retailer’s iPhone App Uses AI to Extend the Company’s Reach as a Secondhand Clothing Destination

EBay is pushing forward on the technological front and in championing its oft-overlooked status as a sprawling market for secondhand fashion, introducing a new AI-powered clothing shopping tool.

The eBay iPhone app introduced a new feature on Tuesday, incorporating generative AI technology into its platform to enhance the shopping experience for users interested in fashion. The feature, named “shop the look,” curates a selection of personalized images based on the user’s shopping behavior. Each item in the images is marked with visible dots, which, when tapped, reveal similar products and inspirations.

Powered by eBay.ai, the AI model behind the system, the feature improves its recommendations over time as users interact with it and make purchases on the platform. To access the feature, users are required to have browsed at least 10 fashion products within the past 180 days, ensuring relevance to their interests and preferences.

The introduction of “shop the look” aligns with eBay’s broader strategy to assist users in discovering products tailored to their needs within its extensive marketplace, which comprises 1.7 billion listings. By leveraging AI technology, eBay aims to streamline the shopping experience and highlight relevant items amid the vast array of available products.

This initiative builds upon eBay’s previous endeavors in visual search, including the acquisition of Corrigon in 2016 and the introduction of similar features such as “shop the celebrity look” on its platform. By integrating generative AI capabilities, eBay expands its ability to provide personalized recommendations not only in fashion but also across other product categories.

Initially available for iOS devices in the U.S. and the U.K., eBay plans to extend the feature to Android users later this year, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for all users.