NTS and Diesel Tracks Rome Rave photo

Electrifying Fashion Fusion: NTS and Diesel Unite for a Spectacular Rave in Rome

First launched in July 2022, the Tracks series is a global exploration of club culture, uniting progressive talent from around the world to promote the universal language of partying, self-expression and diversity. Tracks takes shape both online and in the flesh, through a monthly mix series, playlists, roundtable discussions and a series of free parties across the world.

We are so excited to bring the next NTS x Diesel Tracks free rave to Rome. The energy and community of rave culture is everything to me. I believe in the freedom to party, at the core of the Diesel global democracy,” says Glenn Martens, Creative Director of Diesel.

For Diesel, rave is a way of life, a spirit that’s been unleashed by Martens. It’s a dedication to play and experimentation that Diesel shares with its community around the planet. Rave has become a global manifesto for living, particularly for a new generation standing for their freedoms post-lockdown. It’s the music, the look, the meeting of minds and the self-expression and creativity of club culture. Rave is a positive force that’s central to 21st century successful living.