Review of Elie Saab

Fall 2022

Review of Elie Saab Fall 2022 Fashion Show

High End, Luxury, Elegant, Evening

By Dao Tran

Starting in bridal couture in the early eighties, Elie Saab is well known for his red carpet looks and outfitting the Hollywood and music industry A-listers. Most recently, JLo performed a “Marry Me” concert in two looks by him. Angelina Jolie, Helen Mirren, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga… the list goes on. 

Little girls dream of getting married in Elie Saab.

But not too many people can play at that price point and therefore he has been trying to up his game in ready-to-wear. After introducing the monogram print last season with the new logo, Saab ventured far out of his wheelhouse with the most modern fit in this collection, a hi/lo mix of streetwear hoodie and raver wide pants in taffeta. This collection was titled “Fearless Grace” and it would be fearless to explore that direction more.

There were bomber jackets, albeit elaborately embroidered high end versions, or worn with a crystal bra top. And a mini dress with leather jacket and perforated leather dress over leather pants. Not to mention a black velvet robe – all with feather accents because you can take a man out of couture, but you can’t take his feathers. These were the edgiest, somewhat rebellious looks. 

Actually, where the feathers were the freshest was peeking out of the sleeves. 

Otherwise, Saab does what he does best, which is luscious materials, opulent gowns, extravagant ruffles and sequins, oh my!

And the old Hollywood glamor, in jewel tones like laurel green, royal purple and azalea fuchsia. 

The Elie Saab DNA is simply high end, luxury, elegant, evening. Sounds like a winning formula