Etro “Zodiacs, Under the Sign of Etro” Holiday 2021 Ad Campaign


"Zodiacs, Under the Sign of Etro" Holiday 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Etro “Zodiacs, Under the Sign of Etro” Holiday 2021 Ad Campaign Directed by Tommaso Ottomano and Creative Direction from Macsiotti

Etro feels the influence of the stars in a new Holiday 2021 campaign. “Zodiacs, Under the Sign of Etro” features film direction by Tommaso Ottomano and Creative Direction from Macsiotti.

A hymn to life, friendship and freedom, the campaign presents Etro’s new generation to the notes of the famous song “Zodiacs” by Roberta Kelly, in a unique and festive atmosphere fusing fashion and music to reflect the spirit of Etro. Dripping with vintage style, Ottomano’s film opens on an evening of celebration in a nightclub where the singer, played by Tina Kunakey, performs an unprecedented version of “Zodiacs” before a dancing crowd. The crew returns outside for an impromptu nighttime picnic, with delicate china and teacakes contrasting with a black Cadillac and the party energy.

With its eclectic 70’s-meets-baroque vibe and charming decadence, the campaign no doubt draws a bit of inspiration from Gucci’s campaign style. But Etro has a strong enough design spirit and identity that the campaign still feels like its own, and it works well to introduce a bit of nocturnal revelry into the house’s signature boho-chic aesthetic.

Creative Direction | Macsiotti
Director | Tommaso Ottomano
Models | Tina Kunakey,  Lorenzo Sutto, Edu Roman, Jorge Roman, Sita Zampou, Julia Kessler, Sergio Amore, Andrea Silenzi, Pasquale Aiello, Nikolina Maticevic, Barbara Fujiko, Kristijan Besirovic, & Beatrice
Set Designer | Amos Caparrotta

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression