Review of Eudon Choi

Fall 2022

Review of Eudon Choi Fall 2022 Fashion Show

A Bright Future Awaits

By Anna Ross

A London cabbie was eager to share his opinion on the state of fashion with me on the way to the Eudon Choi show today: “I see Fashion Week in the papers – but who actually wears these clothes!?”. After a brief explanation about bubble up and trickle-down theory (which I could tell he was engrossed with,) I pondered his question further. A theme we’re noticing throughout the season is clothes that are perhaps a little too clever (or conceptual) for their own good. After all, this is a given – much of fashion week is about the concept, the theatre (and of course, the social media clout). 

But in 2022, women need wardrobes that translate outside of the concept into, well, damn good clothes. Enter: Eudon Choi. 

After a couple of seasons’ hiatus from the London schedule, Choi is a very welcome return to the scene. His clothes perfectly bridge the gap between creative vision and commerciality while remaining very firmly in the luxury spectrum. Today’s collection was clever, cool and covetable – each and every piece. That’s a rarity. 

Eudon Choi Fall 2022 Fashion Show Backstage

Choi understands how to cut clothes that flatter and fit. He understands how to play with colour in a way that feels fresh and exciting.

Today’s collection was driven by a passionate and emotive palette of fabulous upbeat brights, inspired by the colorful narrative of 1965 film Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni. His pop red and powder blue pairing were a particular highlight, seen on a delicious red overcoat and shirt-bag combo. 

Bags were new to his vernacular, a debut collection with Louis Quatorze, further bringing his clever take on shape and structure into a line of accessories that the crowd buzzed about post-show. The new it-bag? Oh, it’s Eudon Choi. 

Bags aside, these clothes were intelligent and impeccably made. I found myself making a mental note of a long black overcoat that came split at the seam and re-tied together, ready to convert into a cropped jacket for Spring. Two for the price of one. 

Of course, offering modular pieces plays into both a more ergonomic and more eco-friendly narrative, showcased amongst Choi’s material mix. Organic cotton shirting, divine cashmere – ethically sourced, eco-friendly viscose, recycled synthetics and an array of surplus fabrics. Sustainability and sartorialism in one. 

There’s a lot of talk about how London is missing some of its key players this weekend. Today, Eudon Choi made a case for why London still matters and who matters in London. 

Congratulations to his team and the stellar professionalism of the shiny new PR team on the block, AB Comms, whose team was perfectly poised, friendly and wonderfully attentive. A perfect match for Choi’s down-to-earth creative vision and modern attitude towards clothing.