Fear of God Collection 8 2024 ad campaign photo starring Oscar Isaac photographed by Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Fear of God

'Collection 8' 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Fear of God ‘Collection 8’ 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jerry Lorenzo with Photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez with Talent Oscar Isaac

Fear of God taps Oscar Isaac for the sophisticated campaign for its new Collection 8, lensed by photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s approach to capturing the unique talent draws on a rich tradition of classic photographic portraiture, while highlighting Isaac’s particular persona. The rich black-and-white images reveal the actor’s eyes to be full of enigmatic wisdom and depth, while also emphasizing the rich textures and volumes of the coats and knits he wears.

The campaign forms a simple and consistent continuation of Fear of God’s take on classic yet contemporary sophistication. If it this were just another model, the approach might feel a bit boring – but Oscar Issac’s magnetic and mysterious presence takes it up another level, actually almost running the risk of far outshining the clothes. Nonetheless, these refined wardrobe staples offer just enough character to play a strong supporting role, and the campaign makes a strong statement of the brand’s quiet vision of American luxury.

Fear of God Creative Director | Jerry Lorenzo
Photographer | Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Talent | Oscar Isaac
Stylist | Carlos Nazario

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression