Fear Of God 2022 Ad Campaign

Fear of God

'Eternal Collection' Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Fear of God ‘Eternal Collection’ Fall 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jerry Lorenzo and Photographer Pierre Toussaint with models Luka Sabbat and Jasmine Daniels

Fear of God seeks to transcend time with the new campaign for its Eternal collection, shot by photographer Pierre Toussaint.

Fear of God’s Eternal collection offers a series of timeless garments that designed with a focus on quality, silhouette, and fabrication that transcend trends, decades, or the traditional fashion cycle, while reiterating the brand’s distinct vision for contemporary design.

When we started the collection, the intention was to chase perpetuity, timelessness, sophistication and elegance. As the collection developed, more and more it just felt eternal. The collection didn’t feel like a number or a season, it felt like something that could live forever, so everything that was considered in this offering was designed with those guardrails. Does this piece transcend time?

– Jerry Lorenzo, Fear of God Founder and Creative Director

The campaign conveys this sense of timelessness through its choice of location, where the ever-shifting sands of a seemingly endless desert provide soft contrast to the enveloping silhouettes of the collection. Pairing sweeping drone shots alongside more intimate portraiture, Toussaint’s photographs offer an uncompromising look at the cut and character of the collection while seeming to capture it in its journey through time.

Smartly taking its cue from the collection’s defining characteristic of eschewing trends and calendars in favor of timelessness, the campaign is a simple yet striking and evocative way to communicate Fear of God’s new take on classic design principles.

Creative Director | Jerry Lorenzo
Photographer | Pierre Toussaint
Models | Luka Sabbat, Jasmine Daniels
Stylist | Veneda Carter