Fear of God Ssense 'Seven Days to Forever' Digital Experience

Fear of God Partners With Ssense on ‘Seven Days to Forever’ Digital Experience

Fear of God & Ssense collaborate to form new media platform for ‘7th collection’ launch

The Fear of God team and leader Jerry Lorenzo is collaborating with long time partner Ssense to launch an online media platform, entitled ‘Seven Days To Forever,’ to celebrate the brand’s ‘7th Collection’. The site will feature interactive content and previously published editorials that define the Fear of God family and provide visitors a way to interact with founder Jerry Lorenzo. The aim is to develop an authentic way to connect with the audience through brand-driven content digitally.

Additionally, the media platform host a countdown to launch various collections from the Fear of God family, exclusively available on fearofgod.ssense.com. For seven consecutive days, a new product launch will occur, leading up to an early launch of the ‘Seventh Collection’ solely on Ssense’s website.

Fear of God Ssense 'Seven Days to Forever' Digital Experience

“We are honored to be partnering with Ssense on this project—Ssense has supported Fear of God since the inception of our brand’s launch…We’ve had a long-standing relationship, as well as a lot of mutual love and respect for each other’s business and craft. They are the perfect partner to build our legacy with.”

– Jerry Lorenzo, Founder of Fear of God

The program which started today is will follow the following schedule:

DAY 1 — The ‘Essentials’ global release marks Day 1 of seven consecutive days of product releases.

DAY 2 — The Fear of God for Barton Perreira sunglasses collaboration will be re-released on the webpage and the mobile app. Jerry as Oracle: an interactive statement generator that enables users to access and play Lorenzo’s affirmations and commentary

DAY 3 —  The Ssense Exclusive ‘Essentials’ Rain Drum collection will be released. Jerry Lorenzo Is In A League Of His Own: reaching into the Ssense editorial archive, Lorenzo’s cover story for the inaugural issue of Ssense magazine will be re-published online. While Lorenzo was finalizing Fear of God’s seventh collection, the interview took place; he opens up about generating his best ideas in nature, coaching his son’s baseball team, and living up to his family name.

DAY 4 — The Ssense Exclusive ‘Essentials’ Dark Navy collection will be released online and the Ssense mobile app. Fear of God Heavy Weights: playing cards highlighting the champions of the ‘Seven Days To Forever’ product releases on Instagram.

DAY 5 — The Fear of God Ermenegildo Zegna collaboration will be re-released online and the Ssense mobile app. What Do Virtual Worlds Tell Us About Our Own?: an illustrated synthesis of the Fear of God Ermenegildo Zegna collaboration will be published online.

DAY 6 — The ‘Essentials’ Tennis Sneakers will be available in advance of all other retailers worldwide online and the Ssense mobile app. 7 Questions with Jerry Lorenzo: sourced exclusively from the Ssense social media community, Lorenzo answers seven questions on Instagram.

DAY 7 — Fear of God Season 7 will launch on the final day of ‘Seven Days To Forever,’ with Ssense as the exclusive retailer of the highly-anticipated seventh collection. Market Research, Fear of God: LA-based sports writer, Micah Peters, pens a Ssense Market Research and tries out critical pieces from the seventh collection, which was heavily inspired by the historic Negro Baseball League in which Lorenzo’s family has close personal ties.

Fear of God Ssense 'Seven Days to Forever' Digital Experience