Ferragamo Lunar New Year 2023 Ad Campaign


Lunar New Year 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Ferragamo Lunar New Year 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Maximilian Davis

Ferragamo sets its eyes on the Lunar New Year with a simple yet bold and elegant campaign for its capsule in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit.

The campaign takes a simple and elegant portrait approach that puts an airy emphasis on creative director Maximilian Davis’ designs for the capsule, which treat luxurious materials like silk and eel-skin leather in auspicious red hues and prints that reference traditional Chinese art, as well as a boldly use of a rabbit’s eye for a gem-like graphical moment.

Though it offers a lovely look at the capsule, the approach to the campaign itself doesn’t do much to stand out from the slew of Lunar New Year campaigns that arrive this time of year in a personal play to the staggering growth of the Chinese luxury market. That being said, this might be one of those rare instances of a campaign when the medium is not the message, and the clothes form the sole focus. Trends have shown that many young Chinese people are excited to spend a little bit more money around this time of year to find that perfect piece to commemorate the new year and to celebrate with friends and family. As they will thus be scouring the internet and online shops to find their favorite among the many options, a strong and unique design may be more valuable for brands to invest in than a highly involved campaign.

Ferragamo certainly has designs of this caliber to offer, and the campaign is a simply elegant way to show them off.

Ferragamo Creative Director | Maximilian Davis

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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