Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833 Collaborate For A Luxury Fragrance

A Trailblazing Fragrance Collaboration Offers Two Distinctive Scents, Paysandú and New York, to Capture the Essence of True Luxury and Heritage

In a monumental first for both brands, Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833 have announced a fragrance collaboration featuring two groundbreaking scents: Paysandú and New York. This strategic partnership takes Gabriela Hearst into the fragrance sector for the first time while marking Fueguia 1833’s initial collaboration with a fashion designer.

The dynamic duo spent two years meticulously crafting the fragrances. Gabriela Hearst, who hails from Uruguay, introduced ingredients indigenous to her ranch in Paysandú. Fueguia 1833, recognized for its scientific rigor, integrated at least two ingredients that had never been used in perfumery before, such as Marcela and Carqueja. The result is an alchemical blend of childhood memories, landscapes, and a modern interpretation of womanhood, all wrapped in a luxurious scent.

The fragrances are inspired by Nobel-prize-winning research into the molecular structures of scent, incorporating plant-origin musk to create unique olfactory experiences that change based on the wearer’s own skin chemistry. This results in a subtle, transformative interaction between the perfume and its wearer, a distinctive feature that sets the collaboration apart.

For Paysandú, the fragrance is primarily floral with aromatic undertones. The scent profile comprises a tonic note of Marcela, dominant note of Jazmín del País, and a sub-dominant note of Carqueja. A complex melody of additional elements like Espinillo Flower, Cabreuva Wood, and Palo Santo rounds off the composition.

New York, on the other hand, leads with a woody family and has gourmand undertones. The tonic note is Fir Balsam, with Tobacco as the dominant note and Jacarandá Wood as the sub-dominant note. Additional elements such as Maple Resin, Cedarwood Virginia, and Tonka contribute to its complexity.

Both fragrances are set to launch in August 2023, with the first batch limited to 315 editions of each fragrance. They will be available at Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833 stores, as well as their respective online platforms, with a retail price set at $415.

This collaboration serves as a testament to both Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833’s shared values: an unyielding respect for Mother Nature, a commitment to quality over quantity, and a focus on science and innovation as the cornerstone of luxury. The partnership not only expands the brands’ portfolios but also raises the bar for what consumers can expect from future luxury fragrances.