Announces Collaboration with Polytechnic University of Milan

Giada is rethinking the possibility of its global flagship store, Giada House at Via Montenapoleone 15, through a new collaboration. The brand has initiated an art project with the Polytechnic University of Milan to reinvent the ground floor of Giada House, a space dedicated to its concept store. According to Fiorenzo Schincaglia, the General Manager of Giada S.p.A., select students will have the opportunity to design different schemes for the concept store incorporating Giada’s philosophy of minimalism, modernity, and elegance. The design proposals will have the chance to be realized in the concept space upon evaluation by the brand’s creative team.

During February’s Milan Fashion Week, Giada unveiled the brand’s initial concept store at the ground floor of Giada House. The debuting art space was a unique installation showcasing the underlying link between the fashion house and the art world, realized by Migliore+Servetto Architects. The art installation – a sound tree – combined natural sounds and dynamic imagery to represent the subtlety and strength of the brand’s clothing. The leading architect, Ico Migliore, is also Professor at the School of Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan. 

Currently on display at Giada’s concept store is the brand’s Fall 2020 Limited Cashmere Collection. The use of an expanding elastic yarn as the decorative element for the new concept store backdrop has created a scenographic and immersive aesthetic space. The expanding threads, contrasting with natural Dolomite stone slabs, weaves ephemeral visual movements and leads the spectator’s gaze to the brand’s cashmere coat pieces on display, made with fine fabrics and superior craftsmanship.

The connection between Giada’s design philosophy and Italy’s cultural and educational legacy will be explored further in future collaborations with acclaimed artists and esteemed universities in Italy.