Review of Giada

Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Review of Giada Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Reflections of the magic of sunsets at sea – an infinite, serene and beautiful collection

By Lizzy Bowring

The library of the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, furnished with wall to ceiling books and manuscripts and crystal chandeliers that hung from ornate ceilings, underscored Milan’s historical enigma; here was a perfect setting for the intimate presentation that unfurled.

From the carefully placed seating arrangements to the respectful, quiet hum of conversation, gave way to the gentle music of waves ebbing across the sand.

And so to the inspiration behind this beautiful collection came from a place where I am sure we can all relate to as summer fades to autumn. Picture the serenity and calm of the ocean with its gentle waves ebbing onto the sand and the ‘magic of sunsets’.

Speaking to Gabriele Colangelo after his presentation, the designer said about his motivation.

Gabriele Colangelo speaking with The Impression’s Lizzy Bowring

It was the reflection of the connection with nature, especially after one year of not having each other or having nature because we were not allowed to go anywhere. So I tried to transfer the ocean, the sea, the sand, the freedom into this collection especially, thinking about the colours, the fluidity, and the architecture.

The first elegant silhouette glided across the room, an ankle-grazing summer coat, the back inset with delicate pleats of silk chiffon and drenched in the colour of a sea pearl, magnified the fluidity of the material.

The simplicity in each crafted silhouette spoke volumes. One could see that every piece was lovingly touched by hand, showcasing the infinite details that are as just as palpable as the designs.

And to this point, just as body-revealing is the overarching trend of the season, here, in the hands of Gabriele Colangelo, skin is discreetly exposed. Take a sensual deep v in the back or in the case of the off white cashmere sweater, just enough shoulder to be secretly sexy.

Each elongated sheath gently caressed the body and was as discreet as the next, often lightly caught at the waist with the finest leather belt. Added to this, the details flowed through into the back of every garment, be it a pleat, or fine strap.

Silhouettes bore the defined minimalistic nature of the designer, with materials carefully folded to reveal another layer beneath. Here the cream dress with an underlayer of the colour of soft sand caught my attention – and that was difficult because every piece is on my wishlist.

The prints were barely there in softened ombre shadows of colour that evoked the patterns of sand-washed pebbles and shells.

Referencing the show notes,

The smooth veined surface of seashells also inspired the undulating motifs that came printed in delicate degrades on featherlight cashmere, silk georgettes and web-like laces. Moonbeams inspired the translucent and luminous textures, enhanced by the gently washed hues of pale straw, sea green, sage and soft brown.

The jewellery itself equalled the grace of the clothes. Here, smooth shapes were crafted in hand-blown glass by Murano craftsmen. As Gabriele Colangelo added after the show:

Referencing the jewellery, each piece was made by hand, highlighting the incredible Italian craftsmanship in this collection.

Pendants earrings and necklaces were like jewels from the sea with smooth surfaces and rounded shapes, washed and eroded by the sands of time.

Colangelo’s signature crystal clasp also came reinspired in the form of a shell. Elsewhere, the bags, made of Nappa leather, were soft in shape, reiterating the collection’s gentle nature.

Having coffee post the Giada presentation, the conversation revolved about the woman who wears these clothes.

She is self-assured, accomplished, intellectual: she approaches life and her daily routine with the minimum of fuss; she is understated yet elegant with a serene demeanour and utterly feminine. – Kenneth Richard

Gabriele Colangelo infinitely embodies effortless modernity and grace that speaks to the Giada woman as she feels reborn and free and at one with nature.

Fashion Editor - London | The Impression