Gilles Elalouf Cofounder of Y/Project Dies At 58 news header photo of Gilles Elalouf and Glenn Martens

Gilles Elalouf, Cofounder of Y/Project, Dies At 58

The Entrepreneur Helped Lead the Rapid Growth of the Brand, and was Honored by Creative Director Glenn Martens

Entrepreneur Gilles Elalouf, the co-founder of Y/Project, has passed away at the age of 58 after a prolonged illness. The label, founded in 2010 by Elalouf and the late Yohan Serfaty, confirmed his death in Fontenay-sous-Bois near Paris on Sunday. Elalouf was also the president of the board of shareholders.

Gilles Elalouf and Glenn Martens | Photo courtesy of Y/Project

Glenn Martens, who took over as creative director of Y/Project in 2013, honored Elalouf on Monday, expressing his gratitude and grief on Instagram. “Merci Gilles. For trusting me. For making magic together. For 10 years of the greatest adventure. You will be missed forever. Love you,” Martens wrote.

Y/Project experienced rapid growth under Elalouf’s stewardship, culminating in the label winning the Grand Prize at the ANDAM Fashion Awards in 2017. Pascal Conte-Jodra, the current CEO of Y/Project, praised Elalouf’s commitment to the brand, emphasizing his compassionate and resilient nature.

Elalouf’s career began at the Boston Consulting Group and Publicis Groupe, where he spent a decade. In addition to his work with Y/Project, he founded Second Stage Pharma, a startup pharmaceutical laboratory focused on revitalizing established products.

Elalouf was an active member of the Espace Culturel et Universitaire Juif d’Europe (ECUJE), an organization that promotes Jewish culture and academic education. ECUJE paid tribute to Elalouf, highlighting his generous and dedicated contributions to the community.

Survived by his parents, brother, and sister, funeral services for Elalouf were scheduled for Monday. His legacy of creativity and dedication lives on in the hearts of those who knew him.