Giorgio Armani Spring Fine Jewelry Ad Campaign 2023

Giorgio Armani

'Fine Jewelry' spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Giorgio Armani ‘Fine Jewelry’ spring 2023 Ad Campaign with Photographer Bruno+Nico with model Louise de Chevigny

Giorgio Armani finds new attitudes of power and elegance within the tradition of fine jewelry in an energetic new campaign by photography duo Bruno+Nico.

The campaign sees model Louise de Chevigny balance attitudes of edginess and regal elegance, a mood supported by the slick styling and her awesomely sculpted hair. Bruno+Nico up the sense of energy through their use of long exposure times, creating a motion blur effect that powers up the images with a sense of dynamism and propulsion. It’s not the normal attitude of composed, unmoving elegance we might normally expect from a fine jewelry campaign, but references this traditional character while driving it boldly forward.

Photographer | Bruno+Nico
Model | Louise de Chevigny
Stylist | Mauro Demestria
Hair | Pier Palo Lai
Makeup | Giulia Cigarini